A U D I O  &  V I D E O 

At Laughlin Audio, Video, Electric Inc. we take pride in servicing all ends of audio and video services. From basic speaker hook ups to switchboards to full home theater set ups. Take a look at the services we offer below.

Our skilled electricians offer a wide variety of Audio and Video Services. We are able to install speakers, set up switchboards, and even help with your satellite receiver. Television installations are a simple task for us as well.


We are also able to set up your AV Receiver so that it is easy to use and purpose newer technology so that you can control your entertainment systems by using your phone or tablet, making it that much easier to access what you want to watch or listen to.


A U D  I O / V I D E O   S E R V I C E S 

H O M E   T H E A T E R 

Have you ever thought about having a movie theater-like experience in your own home? Home theaters are becoming more and more common and Laughlin Audio Video Electric wants to help you set up your very own! We will work with you and customize your home theater so that it is everything you dream of, including a projector, surround sound, and lighting with dimming features.



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