A P P L I A N C E S 


Let Laughlin Electrical Services help you set

up all your appliance needs. Large and small

appliances for your kitchen and laundry room

are a breeze for our electricians to install and

run the electrical for.

E L E C T R I C A L   O U T L E T S  &
 C I R C U I T  B R E A K E R S 


Our electricians can run the wiring and install GFCI

Electrical Outlets so that you are able to have access to

outlets wherever you need them. We can also set up the

switches to go along with the outlets, if needed. 


We are able to run the electric and set up circuit breakers

everywhere from your personal home to a full

control system

Customize your outdoor heating options with infrared technology. We will put in infrared heaters to help heat up your outdoor spaces, such as patios and porches so that you can enjoy being outside longer.
Infrared heating sources are eco-friendly and do not emit
any greenhouse emissions or odors. The heat from
these heaters travels straight to solid objects so you can
warm furniture, flooring, and yourself without
heating the air.

E L E C T R I C A L  H E A T I N G 

L I G H T I N G 


From inside out we are here to help install all of your lighting needs. We have experience working with everyday generic lighting and ornate lighting fixtures. Create a new experience and light your way with path lighting outside. We will install single light fixtures, track lighting, and accent lighting per your needs. Dimming features and toggle switches can also be installed. 

E L E C T R I C  S E R V I C E S


Laughlin Audio Video Electric, Inc. is here to take care of all your basic electrical needs from lighting to electrical outlets to appliances

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